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The Rare View Mirror

Tale Trivia: This story was born out of a typo I made in my last story. The typo was edited, but the story wove itself. To read my last story, click here.


Ronny was unable to sleep. He just couldn’t take the image of what he’d seen earlier that day out of his head. It was fascinating, and he couldn’t share it with anyone because everyone thought he was a freak.
All night he stayed up in his bed, staring at his blank wall-screen, waiting for the first rays of the sun to activate his windows. He always set his window on the ‘high-sensitivity’ mode, so it could detect the first rays at dawn and unblind to let them in. He loved to get up early and go for walks around the city. If anyone saw him going around on foot, they would think he has lost his mind; he would venture out of his residential cube when everyone was still asleep. He loved exploring the outdoors and imagining all the things that he has seen in his Rare View Mirror.
The Rare View Mirror had transformed his…

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