A Heart for a Heart

When I say Raj and Simran, it’s got to be a love story. So Raj is hot, rich, sexy, as usual. And Simran, of course, is pretty, intelligent and ideal marriage material. So, they have little choice but to fall in love and prepare for a happy ending around the holy fire. Yawn.

But then, something happens on their wedding day. Simran disappears. In thin air! No tear drenched letter left behind, no mail, no call, nothing. Raj tries every possible contact she had given him, her cellphone, apartment, workplace and realizes, she had lied about everything.

Raj is shattered. It’s not easy for a broken heart to heal… unless well, you know you are the most eligible bachelor in town and a natural at flirting! So, six month’s later, Raj meets Priya, a friend’s friend. And a year later, they are ready to tie the knot. Sweet.

But again, something happens on their wedding day. Simran appears. From nowhere! Raj sees her, standing at the door, smiling wide. What happens next? Read it in their own words:

Raj: Simran? What the? How come? Why…
Simran: Hi! I thought it is high time I came back.
Raj's Mother enters room.
Mother: Simran?
Simran: Yes Aunty, it's me. How are you?
Mother: Shut up! You shouldn't have come. At least not so late! What do you think you are doing…disappearing like that and then showing up when things are finally going good?
Simran: Sorry aunty…
Mother: Sorry? Sorry huh? And what do you want me to say? It’s ok dear, go marry my son?
Raj: Mom Relax. Simran why did you lie to us? And why have you come back after doing all that?
Simran: For my sister!
Raj and Mother, together: Sister?
Raj: You have a sister? You never told us.
Simran: You never asked.
Raj: So, like, you left me because of her?
Simran: No I came into your life because of her.
Raj: What does that mean?
Simran: Tell me Raj how did it feel?
Raj: How did what feel?
Simran: When I left?
Raj: How do you expect me to feel?
Simran: Sad, broken, angry…you wanted to kill me, right?
Raj: I still want to kill you. How could you do this to me? Why did you…
Simran: Why did you do this to Smita?
Raj: What? What are you talking about?
Simran: It’s not what…it’s who I’m talking about. Don’t you remember Smita?
Raj: I don’t know any Smita.
Simran: Yeah right. Aunty you want to know why your son didn’t come home in his first year holidays?
Mother: I guess, he had some special classes.
Simran: Yeah, with Smita.
Mother: Who Smita?
Smiran: He never told you? Smita, his sweetheart, my sister.
Mother looks at Raj.
Raj: Oh shut up Simran. Mom she was just a classmate and I was doing a special course there. I have no idea what she is talking about.
Mother: Course or classes?
Raj: Oh classes, Mom. Shouts: What do you want, Simran?
Siman: Because 4 years ago you disappeared from her life…without saying a word. Now tell me how does it feel when history repeats itself?
Raj: That was my decision. I deserved someone better.
Simran: Yes. You deserved someone like me!
Raj, smiling: No I didn’t. I don’t need you. I have Priya, now. So, you and your sister can go back in history!
Simran, smiling: Oh you really think I came here to tell you this story? Actually I came here to see Priya.
Priya appears behind Raj.
Raj: Priya?
Simran walks up to stand beside her.
Simran: Yes Priya, my girlfriend.
Raj and Mother: Your what?
My sweetheart. She’ll do anything of me… and I’ll do anything for my sister. Right Priya?
Priya: Of course, dear!


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